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EDP Group provides a wide range of leading cloud computing options. While many companies both in Israel and worldwide are already using diverse cloud solutions, now is the time to look at organizational growth options. EDP’s complex and unique projects, past and present, combine cloud computing and application infrastructure. These projects are carried out by cloud computing experts who are leading professionals in their respective fields.

First-rate professionals at EDP work in strict cooperative frameworks with leading companies and suppliers, both locally and globally.  EDP offers its clients optimal technological solutions, focusing on activities in Israel as well as on complex and diverse multinational activities. Cloud computing solutions at EDP are accompanied by around the clock advanced monitoring services to ensure maximum business continuity.

Advanced Cloud Solutions

EDP provides a unique cloud solution combining cloud computing with integrative applications, for example, ERP, databases and identity management platforms. EDP cloud solutions are adapted to medium sized organizations and larger. These packages are flexible and customizable to suit any client. The cloud solution is accompanied by application analysis and characterization and adaptation to cloud environment. It is possible to determine the required computing intensity, establish virtual servers and set storage systems which excel in high quality performance. In addition, EDP provides unique backup solutions, information restoration and cloud security. EDP cloud solutions include a wide range of high performance applications with a high cost-benefit ratio. All EDP cloud solutions are controlled by advanced monitoring systems 24 hours a day to ensure business survival and continuity. The EDP Group has comprehensively attempted to create a cloud infrastructure for a range of organizations which includes: finance companies, pharmaceutical companies, industrial and HR organizations, higher education institutions and more. The EDP professional team, one of the best in Israel with many years of experience creating complex high-technology projects, is available to the client from the earliest phase until completion of the project. All EDP cloud solutions feature “software as a service” (SaaS) configurations and enable the provision of advanced technological solutions, reliably reducing costs and providing technical support around the clock.

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