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Implementing Priority Systems

Priority used for comprehensive organizational management of commercial, manufacturing and public institutions. It is particularly effective for organizations operating in diverse markets in Israel and worldwide thanks to its flexibility, which allows it to be tailored to the clients’ business’s and organizational needs. The system promotes cross-organizational processes and addresses the need to consolidate its entire information systems. The information flow between departments is carried out securely, reliably and in a timely manner, over a standard platform for managing the various areas in the organization – HR, accounting, finance, logistics, etc.

Priority is the most common integrative ERP system

Priority supports interfaces in various languages and for various tax laws, in every technological environment and with all available end-systems. It is operated through a single, standard user interface which includes advanced user tools, with emphasis on management and control requirements. The process of implementing Priority at the organization is carried out by EDP experts, starting with in-depth study of the client’s working processes and organizational strengths and weaknesses. The objective is to enable optimal specification of the final product and total synergy with the company’s IT department. EDP’s experts are deeply familiar with SQL and various envelope systems – including touch screens, mobile devices, document management systems, etc.

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